2014 Halloween Logo Design and Sign Create

I wanted to share my 2014 Logo designs and sign creation.
Every year I design the logos for the HOS houses, the club logo and build the club sign.


This is my original logo/sign design. I wanted to build a super glow sign for the club. What a learning process. I learned the hard way that glow paint does not work well in a paint gun or an airbrush!

This is the end result of the sign lit up before we moved it to its location.

Here is how I build my signs. I LOVE my dremel trio!
It is great for free handing cuts.

I like to layer my signs. So here I am cutting the letters on the band saw.

Here is my wildfire super glow paint. I love this stuff. I lit up pretty well under a glow light after spraying this stuff with the paint gun!



My Paint job

letters going on the board

Finished club sign in front of club

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