A Peek Back at 8 Years of Signs

 This is a peek back at 8 years of signs I have designed and created for our Halloween club.


If you need a sign or logo design please contact me at Creativefarmgirl@comcast.net


2009- Club Envy. This is the first year we opened the club. This sign I designed was backlit and the blue background was on rollers so it appeared to have a smokey look.

2010- Club X. This sign was layered and also backlit. 

2011- Club Virus. This sign was very challenging to say the least! I had a thin acrylic tank made to fit behind the virus text on the sign. I then added super glow liquid to the tank and added black lights to make it super glow.

2012- Club XIII. This was another insane club sign build. I decided to do a backlit sign and have blood running inside the sign! Big mistake. It worked but the fake blood was leaking out of the sign all over the place! I guess it added to the gore! Sign fail... 

2013- Club 13. I decided to go a little more Plain Jane with this sign build after the bloody sign accident! I found this old metal frame in our bone yard and built the sign around it. I did a layered sign and hung the 13 with chains underneath.

2014- Club Cursed. I stayed even more on the safe side with this one. I did a layered sign and used super glow paint for the letters and lit it with a black light. This is my original club logo design. I do not have any photos of the finished sign. 

2015- Club Unearthed. I decided to do a layered backlit sign for this one. I used LEDs to light it up.  

2016- Club Karver. I decided to go a little overboard on this design. This sign is backlit with LEDs and then I inset 50 bulbs around the sign for that carnival sign look. I really put a lot of time into this one. It is my favorite. 


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