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It's that time of the year again. We have been very busy at work setting up for our big Halloween event. Every year I am given the task of creating the logo and sign for our event club. I try to do something a little different every year. This year our department was able to purchase a new CNC router. This is an amazing machine, but I still love to build my signs the old fashioned way.
I printed out my sign, then laminated it and gave it to my co-worker Joe to route. Joe has learned how to run this machine pretty well. He set the router to cut the outside oval and then my inside lettering. I then hand cut the club lettering, and the 3 pieces that make up the back of my sign. I printed the red lettering on backlit film and then lit up the sign with LED strip lighting. The LED's really lit it up well.
Here is my finished sign.

Finished Club Sign Before Installation

Finished Club Sign on Trusses

Here is Joe doing his magic on the CNC router.

Cut out club sign.

Light box pieces.

I used 3 different pieces for my back light box. I used a piece of pvc for the back oval, a piece of plexi glass for the center piece and then another piece of pvc for the top donut shape. Then I sanded the sandwiched pieces together.

Finished backlit box.

LED Strip Lighting.

I then attached LED strip lighting to the inside of the light box. It really let my sign up well.

Printed Backlit Film

I printed out my red lettering on backlit film and then applied the print behind the top routed oval.

Here is the sign lit.

Hand cut lettering

I then printed, laminated and hand cut the club lettering.

Finished club lettering

Finally finished.

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