Kitchen Renovation

This is my kitchen renovation that I designed and my husband and I built. I love my kitchen renovation!

Finally done! Pouring concrete counter tops next.  

Finished rustic bar

Finished cabinet front

Drawers and doors installed

My little guy always has to get in the picture!   I love my Hobby Lobby drawer pulls and knobs!

Rustic Bar Drawers

I found these wonderful bamboo drawer inserts at Ikea. They were a perfect fit. Love them!


Building the drawers

I purchased nice straight 3" boards to build my cabinet drawers. I then used the rustic cypress for the drawer front. I payed a little extra for the nicer drawer slides. The absolute hardest part of the drawers was installing the slides! What a pain.

My bar is coming along

This bar was quite the project. I had a few imperfections but nothing anyone will notice. I used rough cut cypress boards to face the entire cabinet. I stained and distressed the boards to make them look like old barn wood. I will be pouring a concrete counter top and using acid stain to finish. 


Building my bar

This was the start of my big rustic bar. This took a lot of planning and photoshopping to get what I wanted.  I built the shell with 3/4" sanded unfinished plywood. I used my favorite tool to join the boards. My Kreg Jig! 

Beautiful  Hobby Lobby knobs

Painted Wall Cabinets

I purchased unfinished kitchen cabinets from Home Depot. I primed and sanded then painted several coats of paint. I wanted to do something a little different with this cabinet. I thought I would build a bread box right into the cabinet. I am going to finish it by adding a door that flips up.  Now that I have learned to build my own cabinets, I would never purchase the unfinished cabinets again. I will be building my own cabinets the next time around.

Rustic Hood Range Build

This is the hood range that I finally finished. Butter Cup the cow just topped it off perfectly! 

My cute window frames

My cute window frames. I photoshopped the look I wanted, then printed out a full size to scale image for a template. I then cut all my pieces out of rough cut cypress. I distressed the boards to make them look like old barn wood. 

My Photoshop design of my kitchen bar.  

Photoshop design of my kitchen renovation. 

I took photos of my kitchen and then photoshopped over top of them to get the look that I wanted. 


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