My Fancy Toolbox

Sometimes I can be very cheap. Sometimes my husband just don't get me. Oh the things that I will do because I am cheap. I had to have a tool box and I had to have one right at this very moment. Buying one was just not an option when this jewel was on my mind. This rusty old tool box was buried so deeply in the corner of my barn that I almost died trying to unbury it. It was quite scary and covered in spider webs and dirt dobber nests! I had to crawl over mountains of barn junk just to rescue it. With my determination and my athletic abilities or lack of and with my daughters help and her whining that she was going to die, we were able to drag it out of the corner. It was a little greasy and rusty but that was not going to stop me now. I had to prove to my husband and daughter that this rusty piece of junk was going to be something fancy. I cleaned it up and sanded it down then I used several coats of primer before spraying it with one of my favorite shades of blue. I then measured the drawers and printed out and laminated these cute grey drawer liners. It just had to match my she-shed! It had to be fancy. " Nina Fancy"

All done! So fancy! 


Printed, laminated drawer liners


Before photo: Rusty old toolbox

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