My she-shed/studio

My studio is coming along nicely. I wanted to go a little out of the box on this studio design. I always wanted a space that I could do something fun with. I could not wait to show my progress off to my mother. We have such different tastes. She loves bling and gawdy things. I love old antiques and rusty things. He reaction was priceless! She walks in and I am standing there all proud and in a monotone voice she says "oh wow". It actually made me laugh out loud! It's ok, I Love it and that's all that matters!

I had the shed built by my specs by a shed manufacturing company and had it delivered and setup on my property. I then added insulation and my husband wired it up for me. I started painting and distressing boards for planking the walls. It is only plywood that I cut down into 6" strips but you would never know it. I still have a lot of work to do, but this is what I love to do. Below are photos of the shed in all stages. I will be posting updates as I go.

Coming along nicely! 

Here she comes! I'm so excited to have my own creative space! 

This is my blank canvas yall! What have I gotten myself into? Oh my! 

Wiring done, thanks to my wonderful husband. Ac unit that I bought from our local auction is in and working great! Insulation done, thanks to me! Insulation sucks by the way. Then my wonderful roll out vinyl flooring going down!

Ceiling panels going up and that was not fun either! 

These are my photoshop renderings of how I want my storage closet to look. This will eventually be sliding barn doors. 

These are the sliding barn doors closed. 

I started building my storage towers by using rough cut pine that we slightly plained down. I then painted and distressed the planks and I craig-jigged all of the planks together.

Here is the start of my storage towers. 

Here are my wall planks drying in the sun.  We cut down 6"x24" planks out of thin plywood and then I sanded, painted, stained and distressed each one differently. This took a lot of extra time and effort but it will be worth it in the end.

Planks going up! 

I am loving it! 

Planks! Planks! And more planks!  

I decided to do something fun on my back wall other than planks. I found this graphic on istock that I really loved! I then printed out my own wall paper in sections on self adhesive vinyl. Then I applied it to the backer board. I love how it came out!!!!

2nd panel of wallpaper going up  

Walllpaper done. I really like how it looks! 

Here is my cute window frame I designed in photoshop. I really think this will look so cute when I am finished. 

This is how it's done, some may call this cheating, I just call it smart! I printed my window frame graphic on self adhesive vinyl so I could cut out on the band saw.

Here is my window frame being cut out on the band saw

Getting there. Now time to sand these and make them look old. 

After sanding my frame pieces, I used a dark walnut stain. 

After the stain dried, I painted on think white paint. This is done pretty sloppy.  

Here is where the distressing begins! I love how this is looking. 

All done! I love love love it!  



It's looking "nina fancy" 

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