Proctor Blueberry Farm Sign

This is my latest sign design and build. I really enjoy making signs like this. I love creating my signs with many layers. A dimensional signs looks so much better than just a plain flat sign.  I have posted pictures below of the process. Let me know your thoughts!

If you need a custom sign made please email me for a quote.

also, if you live in Plant City or around the area, please stop by Proctor Family farm for u-pick blueberries! Here is their website for more info.

Photo of the complete sign. 

Side view of complete sign

Here is my actual photoshop sign design. And yes, i can't spell Blueberries! I fixed it on the real sign, I hope... 

I am almost done cutting the letters. This is the fun part! 

I hand cut each letter on the band saw out of cypress. 

Each letter was then hand sanded

Each letter was then stained with several different stains. 

This is my new favorite stain! I found this Varathane stain at Home Depot. The colors are so vivid! I just love the blues.

These blues are so pretty! 

I used pressure treated pine for the planks and then distressed and stained them. My old paper print was then applied to pvc then heated and hand rolled for that old paper look. 

I then printed and laminated the blueberries, mounted them to pvc, cut them on the band saw and finished them by painting the edges.

Here is a closer picture of the blueberries. 

Almost done! 

Its coming together nicely. 


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