Rustic Barn Wood Range Hood

Rustic Barn Wood Range Hood with Cow Head Decor

I have been very busy renovating my kitchen. It is taking longer than I wanted.
I really wanted a nice rustic range  hood, have you seen the prices?! So being all crazy and ambitious I decided to try and build my own. I photoshopped to scale exactly want I wanted. I then printed out a full size template and that was what I used for my cuts. I used new cypress boards and stained distressed them for that old barn wood look. I think it really makes my kitchen look great!


Now taking custom orders for this range hood. Please email

Rustic Barn Wood Range Hood with Cow Head Decor

Oh Butter Cup I sure love you! I found this cow head online and I had to have it! It just completes my hood range! Love it!!!!

Rusty Cow Head and Horse Shoe Switch

This is my favorite part. I had an old rusty horse show that my husband Josh handmade back in his horse shoeing days. I had him take the horse shoe and put the switches for hood range fan and lights in the center. Love it!

View from the top

Adding the side planks

Coming along... This wood was brand new cypress boards. I stained and distressed the wood to make it look like old barn wood.
Then I added rusty nails to finish it off.

This was the beginning of my range hood build. I designed this in photoshop and then printed out a full size template to cut from.

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