Welcome to Creative Farm Girl

My Name is Nina McNamar.
I am a Wife, Mother, Farm Girl, Graphic Designer &  Photographer full time.
I have a passion for animals, nature, gardening, woodworking, cooking and baking.
I am a DIY kind of girl that loves to create new things and turning junk into treasure.

I grew up on a small farm in Plant City Florida that was homesteaded by my family in the late 1800’s.  I was a tomboy that loved playing in the cow pasture, running around bare footed and having strawberry fights in my dad’s fields.

My dad was a hard working farmer his entire life. His main crop was strawberries.  This man gave me the love of farming and gardening and taught me how to work hard for everything. He is the one that handed me down his green thumb. I wear that green thumb proudly!

My love and respect for animals and nature began from birth.  I have raised and rescued every type of critter imaginable.  My mother once said she was going to come home and find an elephant in her garage! I am still often called snow white, except I can't sing.

My love for art started very early as well.  I would doodle on everything! Counter-tops, telephones, tables, chairs, books, dogs, cats and who know what else still has my childhood masterpieces on it! This is where it all began folks!

I earned a degree in Graphic Design and Photography in 1995.  I was hired right out of school to illustrate several children's books. After that project was complete, I worked for a company designing soda and beer cans.  I was then hired by a large sign company in 1997 designing signs, billboards, vehicle graphics and other various signs. In 2007 I was hired by a large theme park in Tampa Florida. I have proudly spent 11 years growing in this company creating graphics, signs, logos, designing and decorating stores and restaurants, decorating for park events & creating and building park signs and props.

In-between all of the madness of working full time, a husband, kids, critters and the farm I have been growing my own design company.  I enjoy mixing all of the elements that I love into my work. Design, photography, gardening, nature & woodworking.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my creative site!

If you have a project or creative need that I can assist with, please contact me.